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We spend 70% of our life at work, therefore having an enjoyable and rewarding career is essentially having a happy life. That's why we believe it is crucial that we are 100% confident with our vocation, so we can focus on other matters that are important to us in our life.

We also know that the occasional motivation is not enough and right kind of skill and approach must be employed to get people to their goal. Therefore at TrueCalling, we are constantly researching the most efficient and effective practice to support our clients.

Our Story

What little we know about the universe is it favours only change, and only for the better. What started as a marketing consultancy, Bluebird Studio Pte Ltd has quickly evolved hand in hand in the direction of the people running it. Coaching and personal success development have become the core of what we at TrueCalling now pride ourselves as our life mission.

Meet the founders

Singapore. Japan.


Kiwi Pang

Founder & Chief Coach

Nothing bothers Kiwi more than being told what he can or cannot do in life. What's even more disturbing for him is, witnessing talents betrayed by the opinion of others, neglecting to live to his or her potential.

While Oscar Wilde famously quoteTo live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”, Kiwi choose to defy this rarity by sharing his passion to bring clarity and help his clients find their direction and methods to live life completely.

His background includes being a Certified Career Development & Transition Coach of the Career Development Network, a co-owner of Japanese hair salon, komorebi by MASHU. The director of Bluebird Studio Pte Ltd and he is also one of the most accomplished deep sea diver in Asia, having reached the pinnacle of both sports and commercial diving. Although being semi-retired from diving, he still runs Oceanauts 9 as the Chief Consultant.

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Aya Imura

Founder & Program Composer

Aya is a truly a globetrotter. Growing up in Hokkaido, her education spans Utah and Beijing,  then she moved to Macau to further her career and now she calls Singapore home. She is living her dream come true simply by going for it.

Being a certified Life Coach, she is also a keen writer/creator and her work has brought her around to winning blog awards (“ninjagirls.sg” 2013 and 2014 Singapore Blog Award Video blogging category winner) and being sponsored by over 80 local brands collaborations. Aya has been featured in multiple media coverage with local newspapers such as Straits times, 联合早报, The New paper, My paper, 新明日报. Back in Japan, exclusive documentary on several Japanese prime time TV shows. She also graced FHM Singapore 2014 October issue cover as “Japanese blogger win the hearts of Singapore”.

One of her proudest accomplishment is being conferred as Hokkaido Tourism Ambassador from January 2016 in Singapore by the Hokkaido prefecture, her hometown.


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