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Limited seats available for each session

Celebrating our success in JAPAN!

In September 2017, we had a successful soft launch of our program in Tokyo and achieved an unbeatable average of 9.25 satisfaction score from the participants. The seats were sold out in just 5 days, and most of them flew in especially for this group coaching session from all over Japan!

Have a taste of it here in Singapore!

7:00pm - 8:30pm

1.5h FREE session

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Maximum 20 attendees

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Have you ever wondered?

"Am I on the right track?" 

Career coaching can give you more clarity!

"Is there a more enjoyable job?"

Come and find out what really motivates you!

"What should I do next?"

You have more options than you think!

Increase income and job satisfaction

Career coaching can help you find out what you really want and get what you really want!

Research of Harvard MBA shows:


"I really wish EVERYONE can attend TrueCalling's Roadmapping course! If you do not know which career path to choose, don't worry. They will clear up all the fog in your future!"

"Don't you feel you need to have more clarity? I have always been looking for something like this! I have always wanted to do something meaningful, and I have finally found my own path. Everything is clear now. All I have to do is to move forward! Thank you!"

What do we do in FREE group coaching experience?

Play cards and discover hidden truth about yourself! Sounds incredible, but it is actually a proven coaching tool from USA. Each participant will be provided with a set of cards to feel, touch, and actually experience how it works in a very unexpected way! Just relax and enjoy your "Aha" moment ;)

We shall be using the Knowdell Card Sorts as one of the tools to derive a deeper knowledge about ourselves.

TrueCalling also uses writing in our group coaching sessions to draw out deep thoughts from the paticipants.

With constant stimulation throughout the course, your deepest conviction and answers shall be distilled to surface.

Facilitator: Kiwi Pang

Certified Job and Career Development Coach of the Career Development Network / Director of Bluebird Studio Pte Ltd / Co-owner of komorebi by MASHU Japanese Hair Salon / Chief consultant of Oceanauts 9 / Instructor trainer for International Assoiation of Nitrox and Technical Divers


Established in 1979 by career development expert, Richard Knowdell, the Network is an international non-profit association of career practitioners who work with youth and adults in job or career transition.

FREE TrueCalling group coaching experience in Singapore

29th November (Wednesday) 2017

7:00pm - 8:30pm <1.5h>

@TrueCalling Chinatown Classroom

Admission fee: FREE

Bluebird Studio Pte Ltd (Approved course provider for SkillsFuture Singapore)

+65 8868 6183

195 Pearl's Hill Terrace #03-12 Singapore 168976