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TOP 1% success hacking program -Career Roadmapping

Incredibly simple success hacks of top achievers

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9h course (1 day)

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47% of jobs will disappear in the near future. Will you survive?

47% of all jobs will be automated by 2034, and no government is prepared for it.(Economist / 2014)

72% of Singaporeans think their knowledge and skills are fast becoming obsolete. (Kelly Services and Capita Salary Guide / 2017)

A total of 19,000 Singaporeans lost their job in 2016, which is the highest since 2009. (Ministry of Manpower / 2017)

Don't panic only after the unthinkable happen. Start now.

Certificates and degrees will no longer protect your career. But after this course, you will be able to.....

Pin-point what you are suitable for without trying out a dozen jobs.

Identify skills that makes you irreplaceable and never be obsolete again.

Enjoy fast-track success with clear steps by career roadmapping.

Research of Harvard MBA shows:

Mr. Tay, 39 year old, Assistant community care coordinator

"I wish I had attend this course earlier. It gave me so much clarity about myself I can plan my future like I plan for dinner."

Ms.Sato, 33 year old, Office manager

"I now know why I left my last few jobs and can focus on what is truly valuable in my present one."

We shall be using the Knowdell Card Sorts as one of the tools to derive a deeper knowledge about ourselves.

Pen is mightier than keyboards. Each participant shall effectively articulate their inner thoughts and desire driven by our purpose-built career roadmap.

With constant stimulation throughout the course, your deepest conviction and answers shall be distilled to surface.

Facilitator: Kiwi Pang

Certified Job and Career Development Coach of the Career Development Network / Director of Bluebird Studio Pte Ltd / Co-owner of komorebi by MASHU Japanese Hair Salon / Chief consultant of Oceanauts 9 / Instructor trainer for International Assoiation of Nitrox and Technical Divers


Established in 1979 by career development expert, Richard Knowdell, the Network is an international non-profit association of career practitioners who work with youth and adults in job or career transition.

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